Category: Maintenance Release

Mar 22

Maintenance Release: v2.44.00

The following improvement has been applied in this release: A Release Rate Control service is now in place. This is an automated behind-the-scenes capability that now ensures bulk and very large releases are staggered to ensure a consistent service for all customers.

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Mar 08

Maintenance Release: v2.43.00

The following improvements have been applied in this release: Resources are now being copied across with gifts. Previously there was issue where if you had multiple flipcards the page would complete after the first flipcards was flipped, and not after all of the flipcards had been flipped. Multiple Response – Previously the outcome indicator of the […]

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Feb 22

Maintenance Release: v2.42.00

The following improvements have been applied in this release: The screen reader used to get stuck in the video player after focus moves to ‘Mute’ button using tab key. Improvements have been made to course duplication. API documents have been updated for clarity. The course invitation period for the xAPI mode has been lengthened to 14 […]

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Nov 28

Maintenance Release: v2.34.00

The following bugs have been fixed in this release: Link on “Start” button not working in preview mode in projects based on a Master Course Pages deleted from a child project still appearing in the course menu Improvements to tooltips referencing complex page titles Partially complete pages considered complete upon resuming a previous session Video players not working correctly […]

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Jul 29

Maintenance Release: R#28

Maintenance release – code name: Everyday I’m shufflin’. This major update brings a set of new features designed to enhance our handling of translations and of question pools and branching. Specifically: We’ve added a new Rule to allow people to hide pages based on how people answered a question. Previously it was only possible to […]

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