Feature Release: v2.48.00

The second of this month’s two feature releases has just gone live. This release includes:

* These features are subscription upgrades, please speak to your Account Manager for more information

We’ve also fixed these bugs while we were at it:

  • Duplicate text in XLIFF exports
  • Assets contained in gifted projects not showing in the gifted account’s Asset Library
  • Inconsistent positioning of pages added to Master courses
  • Users in a department unable to create a new project inside a folder that is not associated with a department

And we’ve made some tweaks:

  • Added clarity to the UI for the Undo feature
  • We have removed the eLearning art images from Image Library

And finally…

  • This release marks the end of support for Internet Explorer 9 for authors. For the latest browser compatibility information, please see our Browser Support page.